June 2022


A Guide To Learn About The Alcohol Use Disorder

Most of the time people keep consuming alcohol, without knowing the severe problems that it may cause for the short period of relief and high mood that it provides. Hence, people must get aware of the disorders that happen due to alcohol consumption.

Where to Find a Rehab Center for Alcohol Addiction?

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About Alcohol Use Disorder

This is a medical condition that leads a person to have heavy alcohol consumption despite its adverse effects. In other terms it is also known as alcohol dependence, the person suffering gets completely addicted to the consumption of alcohol. Some of the major factors that can make it even worse are:

  • Genetic factors
  • Emotional problems (depression)
  • Societal and family pressure
  • Experience of trauma and abuse

What Are Its Adverse Effects?

  • Liver-related diseases (liver cirrhosis, fatty liver)
  • Cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Blackouts, DUIs
  • Multiple organ failure
  • In pregnancy, it can have a bad impact on the fetus

Stages Of Alcohol Use Disorder

  • High-risk stage: Development of tolerance
  • Early alcohol use disorder: Blackouts, secret drinking
  • Mid-stage alcohol use disorder: Things get out of control that starts affecting the personal and social life.
  • End-stage alcohol use disorder: It ultimately affects the health and affects appetite, behavior, etc.

Treatment For Alcohol Use Disorders

The treatment can be done with the help of behavioral therapies, medications, and support groups. Also, rehab centers are the best for getting all the necessary treatment and facilities. And in such time, the most necessary thing they need is the support and affection of their family and friends.


This can be avoided with the proper guidance and help, if you are facing such challenges don’t hesitate to ask for help and get the help.

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